Five Inspiring Digital Game Based Learning Blogs

 1. DevLearn Thoughts: Is Game Based Learning Misunderstood?

This Blog discussed the important trend of digital game based learning providing advice for game designers: Game based learning is a completely immersive experience with a game goal, rules, and repeatable set of game mechanics. If your learning experience doesn’t have rules or a back story, it is not a game; advice for teachers surrounding tracking student’s activities, achievements, and milestones through appropriate software; recommendations for game use: Games should only be used as reinforcement activities. They can’t replace courses; and warnings that at times digital game based learning can distract from actual learning.

 2. Technology, Innovation, Education: Serious Gaming, The Next Frontier for Learning?

This blog tries to answer a few questions regarding digital game based learning in short the blog discusses:

  • What is a game? Games are entered willfully, have goals, have conflict, have rules, can be won and lost, are interactive, have challenge, can create their own internal value, engage players, and are closed formal systems.
  • What types of games for learning exist? Games to be played by people who are physically together, 2D computer games, 3D computer games that try and give a real depiction of a particular location, and alternate reality games that bring a game component into the real world.
  • How can games be used for learning and for what type of learning problems? Games allow people to practice, motivate a younger generation to learn, and can make something that might not be very interesting more fun.

 3. Portal 2 Puzzle Maker: Making Space for Physics

This blog explores the digital game based learning tool Portal 2 Puzzle Maker, this digital game based learning tool allows students to use digital media to build a game and experience it.  In the game students “open a hole in space” and create their own puzzle challenge and share this with friends. Students describe this as a fun way of learning that allows them to put on the game designer hat in a very open way, with no rules, and a vast play space. Game designers report on the great popularity of creating and sharing puzzles, and teachers report on the unbelievable sense of accomplishment that students feel after creating puzzle and being able to then entre in. Through Portal 2 Puzzle Maker student learning is enhanced, this means students are engaged and excited about the task at hand. Puzzle Maker is a great example of a commercial game with crossover appeal in the digital game based learning field.

 4. The Teacher Report: 6 Ways Teachers Are Using Video Games in the Classroom

This blog discusses how a growing number of teachers, are integrating the popular games kids play at home into their curriculums and details six innovative ways that teachers are using video games in the classroom:

  • In PE students can increase their heart rate and practice basic fitness skills
  • In Science students can create games that demonstrates concepts they are learning about in class
  • In Reading students can search for words they can teach others using clips from games
  • In Writing students can subscribe to gaming magazines and analyse articles
  • In Technology students can create games
  • For Homework students can play games with a learning component.

See blog for specific links to suggested games.

 5. Should Kids Play Games in the Classroom

This blog examines how digital game based learning engages students and how teachers can use digital game based learning to teach important concepts. Games provide a learning environment that is often starkly different than the traditional learning environment. When you play a game, you have the opportunity to try and fail. Games also focus on critical thinking and solving complex problems. Some teachers are using more low-tech games, and some teachers are even turning their classrooms into games where students play every day. This blog encourages digital game based learning in the classroom and provides two examples of how teachers are implementing game based learning.


2 thoughts on “Five Inspiring Digital Game Based Learning Blogs

  1. Great post! I’m actually the author of “Is Game Based Learning Misunderstood?” And I want to clear up a few things. We were listing misconceptions about games, not the facts. For example, we were pointing out that games CAN be used as the primary learning tool and not just a reinforcer. Also, games CAN replace traditional courses… and there are many instances where they should! I’m going to edit the post and make it more clear that we were listing the common misconceptions. Thanks for including us!

    • Thanks very much for your response Steve, this blog forms part of an assessment piece I’ve had to complete for ICT at Uni so the clarification is much appreciated. All the best with your blog!

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