Digital Game Based Learning Resources: Lego Digital Designer 4.3

Accessible from:

Level 2

In the Interdisciplinary Learning Domain of Information and Communications Technology students are asked to process data and information skilfully to create information products in forms that are meaningful for themselves and their audience. These information products need to allow students to effectively demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the concepts, issues, relationships and processes that are the subject of the task (VCAA, 2012). Lego Digital Designer is 3D modelling tool using Lego that allows students to create products in a variety of discipline based learning domains. For Example as students work towards the achievement of level 2 standards in:

  • The arts students can use Lego Digital Designer  to communicate experiences, observations and things imagined
  • English students can use Lego Digital Designer to represent people, places, things and ideas, create characters and settings of different texts, and that develop key events from literary texts
  • In history students can use Lego Digital Designer to build a significant person, building, site or part of the natural environment in the local community and what it reveals about the past
  • In the humanities students can use Lego Digital Designer to produce elements of the natural and built environments in their local area.

Lego Digital Designer can be accessed freely from the abovementioned link, students will need to start with a base plate and they are then able to select Lego bricks, select brick colours and duplicated them if required. The Lego Digital Designer has zoom in zoom out capabilities, varying views, and it allows students to choose from a variety of backgrounds e.g. space, mountains, block colours to reflect their information products. After students have completed their design they are the able to watch how the model was built and take screen shots so they can print and display their designs if they desire. Students who are feeling less creative can also use a building guide to help shape their information products if required.

Have fun with Lego digital designer!

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). (2012). The Australian Curriculum in Victoria: Welcome to AusVELS. Date Retrieved: 12 November 2012. Retrieved From:


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